Mitosis and Meiosis



Wait, relax
I struggle to remember my ID number
How much more my chemistry notes
A paper I am to write tomorrow
It may be a walk in the park
Who knows?
All I have learnt
Moving out of my head like migrating crows
Sleep knows I am not ready for the paper
I can not  even doze
The thought of writing chemistry a record 5 times, a title I hold in the family
Oh Lord why me?
It’s not that I am dumb
lecturers find it difficult to teach to the high level of my understanding
I quickly shut the book
After all tomorrow I can take a look
Beep, Beep, Beep
It’s morning already
An hour to time
This is so not fine, I can’t study
Oh no…I start to cry
I pray the thoughts of this being my last chemistry resit, has been no lie
I have no option but to cheat
No room for intellectual defeat
I am ready in 15 mins
I rush to get a cab
I try to remember all that I studied at 1 (am)
Finally I get 1
I look in and I see 1 beautiful girl
Oh lord where from this 1
I start to remember biology
Kube is your medulla working?
Don’t you have a chemistry exam?
I ask myself.
Of what use will that “chemistry” be, if I am to “fail in building the chemistry” between this damsel and I
Then I might as well fail the “chemistry paper in that building”
I put my larynx to work
“Hi, what’s your name”
*She smiled*

I am Sophie

The words hit my vena cava
the blood flow within my aorta, and pulmonary vein was that of nile, never ending
She said Sophie
She reminded me of my crush “laidee”
Short and cute like a baby
Unlike her, I hope this one is not dating
“I am single”
“I mean I am kube”

I quickly reply
My palpitating heart, could not stop me from speaking
“I had a course mate in Oxford who went by that name”

Wow! Oxford?
You don’t say?

“Yes, I had my masters in ‘mitosis’, and PhD in ‘meiosis'”

You look young for a doctorate degree holder

“I get that a lot”

“My research was actually about using coconut, as a basis for pedicure, manicure, makeup and cancer elimination”
“All in one blood tonic”

Wow, that’s interesting

The look in her eyes, clearly spelling amazed
Then I realised we were headed the same way
Could it be she is dumb like me
What children will we produce?
“Do you have an exam”?
*Just to be sure*

No, what brings you here Dr…?

“Oh stop that, call me Kube”
“I am going to see my nephew”
Looking composed with sweat, although I am late
As I get down from the vehicle, I take her number
Handwriting beautifully drawn
I hope this luck extends to the exam
“See you later Sophie” 

*she smiles and waves*

Finally out of sight

Oh yes, that must be the class
I quickly enter, knowing that no one is watching
There he is, my ever loyal friend “boobeezy”
Always there to help me carry the class
My fellow block head
I call him as I sit
He then cuts me

We have to pass
We are not coming here next year

“Forget that”
I cut him short
Yearning to give him a teaser, of my encounter with Sophie

All those rewriting this paper should raise their hands

Wait, where do I know that voice?

I lift my head, only to see my Sophie

Kube won’t you raise your hand





*My voice getting fainter*
“I think next year I will be coming again”

*Kube dashes out of the exam hall*



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