Inmate ID: Unknown


Trapped in an open cage.

It is clear my imprisonment has been a lie.
Intoxicated with fear.
The next step, being my source of wine.
I put my foot down, as I draw the line.
Why sit and wallow in fear,
when I can rise and shine.
Why reject a helping hand with pride,
When a little assistance is just fine.
Many voices in my head,
Asking why I never cared.
Atleast that’s what I know,
from the little I heard.
Staring deep into thoughts of myself,
from which I fed.
Of what essence is it to have, without sharing.
How special is it to know, and not helping.
I ask myself,
and find my solution running in circles.
Finding solace in confusion,
My only solution.
For with understanding,
I would have to justify my inclusion.
Not cause I don’t get it,
Not cause I hate it,
Not cause I can’t take it,
Let’s just forget it.
Nobody understands ME.



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