X and O

Things are moving slow.

Trying to get unto a new chapter. 

I am no longer with her as you know,

but you know, let’s just forget about that matter.

True I miss the heat when it feels cold.

I miss giving you my jacket,

when the wind blows.

People asking me about ma eX,  

and I’m like Oh, forget her,

‘Cause all I remember are the kisses and hugs.

I choose to stick to smiling, cause crying will be piling the misery.

I tried to look you in the eye and say bye,

but all that could come out, was why.

I know I was not 100, but atleast I tried, 

my mistake was to think it would all be fine.

Memories of our first date dash into my mind.

Funny how time flies.

Seeing the gap between us, finally wide. 

Makes it clear that our zeal to push,

has not been kind.

I choose not to look on the bright side,

that would be looking you straight in the face.

My sunshine, I mean former sunshine.


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