Saved by the Word (LOTTO)

​So tired and bored, stuck with watching this motivational show.Motivation unplugged. 
Feeling down from head to toe, 

I guess I need it, for my spirit is on the low. 

Mr speaker looking all fly with his bow tie. 

Maybe I really need this.

Talking about not giving up, never saying never no matter how we fail.

These words suddenly lit my bunsen burner.

Thoughts of all things I failed at, and let go. All because my heart was never warm, with not even a flame, but a spark of success.  

Left cold with failure, 

with all these thoughts,

LOTTO kept crossing my mind.    

After being stared in the face many times with disappointment, dreams of winning billions by writing numbers calculated with the insight of calculus, technique of ratios and passion of probability,

It was clear that success was a treasure I will never find.

This motivational speaker just opened my eyes, for I have been blind to the power of not giving up.

This must be a sign to try one more time.

Let me get my tools, before little rock solid LOTTO ideas in my head start to sublime.

I grab my math set, for many technicalities are required in staking these numbers. 

I quickly search for LOTTO tips in the newspapers. 

After hours of putting my LOTTO Einstein to work.      

I finally get my royal numbers.

46, the age of my favourite maths teacher.    

He gave little homework, helping me develop my lotto talent.  

12, the number of blind dates I organised this month.

33 and 10, in honour of the phone that

introduced me to my favourite game,  

Space impact, building my IQ.  

Finally 09, the jersey number of the great Brazilian Ronaldo, who has never disappointed me.

Smiling to myself, knowing these numbers are royalty.

I say a quick prayer, ending it with an Amen in 5 languages.

One for each number.          

Ready to go, let me share the LOTTO numbers with my friends.

There is no time to send it individually.     

I will just put it in the group.

It just hit me. Sophie is in the group. Wait a minute, I promised Sophie I will not be Involved in lotto again.

Yeah Sophie, my uncle’s, brother’s, auntie’s, father’s, nephew’s neighbour, who happens to be a close friend.

Yeah, another friend zone rule I can’t bend.     

Just remembered her phone is not working.

She will be back on WhatsApp this weekend.

Message sent, I am good to go.     

Feeling so happy, I step out for a walk.        

Thinking of what I would do with my money. 

One step unto the streets, and I start making promises, as well as other plans. 

Then comes baba the gardener,

The plant physician/garden engineer, he calls himself. 

Hello kube  

Hello baba  

Baba I think you need new shoes, see me later

What is your size? 

Baba beaming with smiles out of gratitude.    

I wear size 50.

Baba 50? why are you a kangaroo?  

He leans towards me and whispers, 

It is also my secret bank account. 

Okay I get it.  

I continue making promises as I walk, 

every soul I meet gets a gift, due to be delivered after the lottery.

I spot a girl sitting on a bench. I draw closer and realise it’s Sophie, before I could say hello,

Kube I am disappointed in you, you promised. 

Bad news, Sophie must have got her phone working earlier.

I try to act cool, kube is a future billionaire.      

Sophie what do you mean ?

Kube don’t pretend, 

you sent lotto numbers into the group. 

*Sophie looking very upset*

Sophie, I send the verses of my quiet time to the group and that’s what comes to mind?


*Acting all lost and shocked*  

Is it because I forgot to add the name of the books or just when I was about to add It, I run out of credit? The more reason I came out.

Sophie I thought you trusted me.

Sophie, john 7: 8-10 says that, 


You know what, it’s cool. It’s not necessary, you don’t trust the child of God I am. Just to think of your actions, 

reminds me of what first Thessalonians said from chapter 2-3 being,

Just forget it, I can not take this.    

Kube I am sorry.  

Sophie you are sorry, you are sorry?

I Corinthians 4-6 tells us that,

Sophie I can’t even quote, 

’cause my mind has been choked by your actions.   

I can not, I just can not take this.  

I turn leaving, 

Sophie thinking I was right and feeling sorry.    

I slowly cross my heart, with my back towards her, 

knowing I have just been saved by the word. 

I wonder what those quotations say.



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