S. O. S. 

​Pencil of direction in my hand,
trying to draw my destiny. 

Judging me by actions,

when it just shadows the real me.

The eye deceives, the heart believes.

The flow of tears from the eyes clearly visible,

synonymous to ‘sea’,

but the flow of blood is deep.

My thoughts, true sentiments,

are mine to keep.

Just know before you judge me,

to look before you leap.

This is one special advice, not from anyone but from me.

Accept what you see, but don’t trust that it’s me. 

For me smiling with tears,

is never branded tears of joy.

treasure what you see, but don’t think it’s yours for keeps.

For me with a smile, does not mean all is well beneath.

When you sense displeasure, be calm in reading me. 

For a straight face does not mean,

with a cold heart I am armed to the teeth.

Sometimes my lips curl upwards within.

S. O. S

All emotions tied up in one bag.

Smiling Or Sad.

S. O. S

A lucky dip and my feelings are drawn.

Silly Or Sensible.

All eyes on me.

S. O. S.

Will I be Spotless Or Stained with judgement?           



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