Selfies In the Dark


Studying you for a while,
I see pain in that smile.
I see thoughts of regrets,
with a will to let go.
A self you refuse to accept.
A self that suffers from actions,
that it will never exhibit to another self.
The same old self that dedicated passion and commitment,
but got drawn to square one.
A self that drew from the well of forgiveness whenever the heart, was thirsty with anger.
Anger full of disappointment.
Anger that only thrives with tears at heart.
Unexpected occurrences, piercing like one deadly dart.
A sweet exchange of comfort from one self to another,
turned sour.
Time flies but your discomfort refuses to pass.
You stare deeply at the hour glass.
Your separation has left scars.
I however see it to be a reminder,
of there being a better self.         
A self that picks herself up,
when all to support has fallen.
I also have a peculiar self.
A self no one knows.
A self that keeps the heat up for those who matter,
when it snows.
It’s rather sad, that this self hardly reaps what he sows.
Angry at times, sad most at times,
it never shows.
Who I am? Who I really am ?
I know I am far from close.
I know this self has thoughts of another self,
and that self makes him a better person.  
I hardly know this self,
minutes of interaction and I quickly get an understanding of my self.
I hope my sad self,
will be enough to halt the worries of your self.
The story where two worrying selves begin something magical,
is yet to begin.



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