House no_Seven4 (The Beginning of Something)


Paper number 13 goes into the bin.
Hours of writing, resulting in nothing.
My infertile soil of a mind, refuses to help my cultivation of an apology letter.
Irene is still upset with me,
I try to spot my fault,
but little do I see.
I just wanted to have some beans.
I ended up losing your trust and that of my stomach.
I hope my dream of being with you,
wrestles my thought of being a roman priest.
A day without your smile, will definitely leave me in coma.
I get myself a never disappointing sip of tasty kube juice.
It quickly brings the beach to mind, one place I know
true freedom, independence, and forgiveness I will find.
If only Irene will be sweet and kind, to grant me,
the chance of saying sorry for my lies.
This one moment I will cherish in my life.
I take a look at the time, It is 7 hours past 9.
I quickly take my phone, I get online.          
KUBE: hey
IRENE: hello
Her reply shatters me to the bone, she blows my mind.
IRENE: how are you dear? 
This “dear” is not a typo.
I beam with a smile longer than nile.       
KUBE: if you are fine, I am fine
IRENE: I miss you so much
I do not know the emoji to use, once again I am blown away.
I feel like high voltage in fuse. I quickly gobble down my Kube juice.
I am so shocked.
She did not let me introduce myself.
I don’t remember giving her this number.
She must have felt my presence in this new number.
I move from end to end as I text, dancing samba.
I feel like a 5 year old not 24, black mamba to simba.
KUBE: I miss you one billion times dear.
IRENE: Mummy says you should be home at 7 for her dinner.
Did she just invite me home, to see her parents?
This is more than I prayed.
I ran to take a quick look in my mirror,
Is this me?
KUBE: I will be there
IRENE: later then xoxo               
I restart my cell, just to be sure I am the recipient.
Indeed I am.
The lights are suddenly out, prepaid electricity bill not paid,
My jacket, shirt, and tie, far from prim and proper.
Without thinking twice I grab my clothes, into the bag it goes.
I take a taxi to my friend’s home.
Ironing done, shower taken, after 2 hours of everything,
Kube is as ready as a primary colour.                                  
I take a taxi, 10 cedis will make my journey,
to and from irene’s house a success.
Upon arrival I ask the driver to keep the change,
after all Irene’s father will drop me.
I am now a part of the family.
I knock gracefully at the door of house number seven4,
Arthos Uno estates.
the anxiety in me starts to roar,
louder than waves of a sea shore.
Irene opens the door, her pretty face,
fair skin, braids and cute smile,
like her soft speech, shatters me to the core.
“What are you doing here”?
I smile, Irene likes jokes.
what kind of question is that”?
Her big brother appears from no where,
He must have been outside.
I told you to come at 7 via your new number.
Her brother answers looking confused,
“I don’t have a new number”
It then hits me, did she think?
Was she confused as to?
Oh no! This is not happening.
Why always me? That message was not for me.
Irene turns to me,
Kube ,what are you doing here”?
I try to think, i try to speak,
mouth wide open, I start to blink,
as thoughts of no transport back home, come to me.
I came to charge my phone“.       
Why the jacket, shirt and tie?
Plans for the evening?
Once again, silly me stupidly answers,
“No, i am allergic to mo, mo,
This is indeed the beginning of my misery.


Kube is served


4 thoughts on “House no_Seven4 (The Beginning of Something)”

  1. Isn’t this just so cute a story? There wasn’t a difference between my cheek and my smile all through the write up. Great Job!


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