Alphabets Of Zero


A thousand times I questioned myself,
Bigger questions kept popping up,
Can’t believe I’ve to watch you happy in tears.
Dreams of me with you, evolving into a never ending reality.   
Every thought of us, becoming me.
Fluid moments of joy, obstructed.       
Great walls concealing my emotion.
How I feel about you? An action,
I cannot set in motion.
Jezebels of self doubt,lock me in this mental commotion.
Killing my urge to let you know I,
My lips tremble, at the thought of adding you.
No! I refuse to leave this bottled up.
Out of character, what I plan to do.
Patience, a virtue I no longer regard.
Questions on if she says No, what next?      
Racing through my mind.
Smoke,perfectly describing our relationship after, a quenched flame lost in the wind.
Travelling into an eternal non existence.
Unbreakable chains of resilience to get to you,
turn to dust,
Vanishing into thin air.
I shout at the top of my voice.
What kind of person, what kind of            
X and X chromosome leaves my decision stuck between two opposites.
Yes and No.
Zero sums my effort.

Kube is served


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