Duel Of The Heart and Belly


Will this queue ever be short?         
I lament after many hours at the same spot.
Sweat racing to my chin,
the hot atmosphere’s presence, clearly felt.
If only, if only I could loosen this belt of frustration.                                         
The aroma of beans stew,
fuels my temptation to satisfy my craving.
The thought of two spoonfuls,
moisturises the entrance to my food chamber.
I take a quick look at queue.
How many people are left?
Oh yes, just a few.
After these two gentlemen,
I am next in line for my stew.
I feel a tap.
Who dared touch me in my moment of hunger?
I turn around,
and all I see is reason to be hungry,
reason to fast,
my kubeila Irene.
“How are you”?
A deep stare into her pupils and I forget myself.
“You are fine”. I utter.
She smiles and says thank you,
her words cutting through me,
like a hot knife through butter.
Are you buying beans?
*I hit my chest*
Me! I just had lunch at the 5 star restaurant down the road. I actually came to escort a friend”.
The truth shook within me as I lied,
but I stood firm, knowing it would do no harm.
All will be fine.
My conversation with Irene,
is one I would make eternal.
Just a pen and paper would make it an unending journal.
Kube! How much are you buying”?
I was lost in Irene’s maze of company.
I forgot it was my turn.
“I am sure she thinks you are buying”.
I turn to face the vendor,
knowing my answer would mean facing irene’s anger for being lied to,
or forgo my hunger
“Should I give you the usual gari 3 cedis and beans 2 cedis”?
This question,
I deem synonymous to the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Irene looks at me with disappointment.
I guess I will see you later then.
You could have just been honest.
Enjoy your meal”.
My heart aches as I stand locked,
I try to follow my kubeila,
but the multitude waiting to be served, brings my focus back to hunger.
I reach for the money,
and all I find is a secret opening within my pocket.
The turn of events can make a blackberry shy.
No money, No Irene,
just gari and beans
I lean closely to the vendor,
as I whisper softly.
“Please I beg, I will sweep“.

Kube is served


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