Where X is me!


Arrows of displeasure hit my chest,
as the knight of guilt strikes at night.
Darkness looms,
as day,
the only source of light,
is out of sight.
Tears of no tomorrow roll down my cheeks. I pray I live to see my mistakes turn right
for it has been left,
with shame.
A wind of hope dries my tears.
It carries my pain away,
with my fears
a chance granted to make things right with a fight.
A shield of change,
I yield with might,
Cautious steps, I take across the abyss of confusion.
Below me a past I leave behind.
Voices of negativity hold me back,
but my new thoughts of positivity battle it away.
My mind sits with its knees to its chest,
the corner of my head it resides with anonymity.
The middle of the brIDge I stand now,
surprisingly with no identity.
A past where my actions,
have deemed me greatness turned nonentity.
A future with no hope,
for prosperity.
The light with which I started this journey,
slowly dims into a tiny spark,
not enough to set my engine of perseverance,
Should I return to the past,
where the dark knight,
waits with a guillotine,
or move towards the future,
where i am handed the guillotine,
to do justice to my mistakes.
Where do i go?
I take a step to a place,
it’s inhabitants, I do not know.
Perhaps the devil you know,
is better than the angel,
you do not know.
I gently hold my shield of insecurity,
to my chest with both hands.
My chin pointing at my chest.
Thoughts racing in circles within me,
in search of the formula,
one of direction and purpose.
Where X is me.


Kube is served


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