Mon Ami(a part of me)


A friend lost in my thought,       
memory of one special person,
I know can never be bought.
A warm hand to caress my cold heart,
for I had sought amongst many,
with a criteria that saw me reject the lot.
The beginning of a journey,
that turned my icy cold heart red hot.
For a smile used to be painful,
but now I feel the pain without it.
Anger used to be fulfilling,but now I feel absent with its presence.
Darkness used to be an abode,
but now light,
a haven I call home.
A bridge of trust,
built in a day, one far from Rome.
Never was I willing to learn,
to be corrected,
but I enjoy every second I am taught,
loneliness is wrong,
and having a friend is right.One I deem worthy to put up a fight.
Defining what friendship means,
needs to be noted down,
with the necessary chords.
It is, one never ending song.
Music that would make you cry,
as well as give reason to smile.
A song that is not sang solo.
Trust, the stage on which it is performed.
Meeting a person for the first time,
lies a request to sing with you.
Hand over a microphone,
for saying No,
will be rude.
Thoughts slip into the mind,on why this person should be sang with.
At least a chance should be given,
another version heard.
Friendship ideally sets in,
when you like that style,
and realise it was worthwhile.
Close friendship is the unconditional availability of your new friend,
to sing with you.
The bestie steps in,
when the absence of one microphone,   makes no difference,
for you both sound way better with one.
Friendship makes way for love, when you both stare,
lyrics are forgotten,
but the song is heard.                        
I guess the heart sings it better. 

Kube is served


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