Christmas(a personal secret) II


Look at his hands.
This is a deportee from atlanta.
The ushers are still holding me.
All is silent but I can feel the stare of the pastor scolding me.
I tell the Usher to leave me in peace.
Why did I even open my mouth?
Pastor exclaims,
“the evil spirit speaks”.
Oh pastor!
What fraud is this?
On what phone did you receive your calling?
This act is so appalling.
Please, please,
let me go.
What kind of a devil,
will enter my soul,
as white as snow,
so on point like a cone.
Oh My God
I just felt like J Cole.
Irene joins me,
finally she has come to help me explain.
She slaps me with holy water.
You too?
I utter,
speaking and gaining balance at the same time.
I thought you were my booboo.
I am so dumbfounded,
feeling like muumuu
The only thing that can revive me now is daavi’s banku.      
This slap can make lucifer give his life to christ.
Even Anas will become a judge and take some bribe.
Tears in my eyes, I am about to cry.
All of a sudden,
I see pastor remove his tie.
Who is the gentleman to you?
Are you dating?
I say Yes,
She says No,
The church says Oh.
I am knocked out cold.

Kube is served


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