Christmas(a personal secret) III


Out of the blue,
I hear food stuff.
All in the name of items for deliverance. Tell his family,
to bring a crate of coke,
a crate of beer,
a crate of eggs.
Pastor! Why all this creating?
Are you God?
Or should i say,
a supplement for gyming?
All I said,
sounded right to me,
but all that came out of my mouth was “herh”!   
He then asks for okro,
tomatoes, onions, garden eggs.
I put all these building materials      together,
and I clearly see the architecture of okro soup.
I further see the connection,
between the so called anointing oil and the eggs.
Fumes rush through me.
I quickly set myself free.
I raise my left hand,
and with the technique of a table tennis player,
Pastor is slapped to the glory of God.
I stand tall feeling like an angel,        
for I just reduced the number of false prophets by one.
Irene quickly rushes to pastor.
Daddy, are you okay?
What! Daddy?
I am finished.
*palms placed on head*
I see fire in the eyes of the ushers.
I am finished.
I start to say No repeatedly.
Sweat all over my face,
I wake up in my room,       
on my bed  .
My friends must have heard me, screaming “No” in my sleep.                         I’ve messed up.
Hard guy “kube”,
with swag weaker than wawa
I have a plan.
They will never know it was a nightmare.
*descending the stairs to the kitchen* *whistling Bob Marley tune*        
I start to sing at the top of my voice,
No no no no woman no cry.


Kube is served


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