Christmas(a personal secret) I


Shall we rise!
Words voiced from the larynx of the preacher,
quickly took the sleep from my body.
I felt sleep clinging to my flesh,
my eyes to be specific.
Joy like a river, joy like a river,
Irene’s voice, lacking a sense of direction and piercing through my ear drum.
How I wished,
I had gone with the boys to pram pram.
Eating their mutton,
in fact this was a very big Ram.
I have to behave myself,
for I chose the gentle lamb,
of course Irene will be happy,
so I am glad.
The pastor says it’s time for anointing and deliverance.
Eih! This man.
What will the vision be,
a lottery or visa to france.
Irene just excused herself,
let me save myself,
from the sight of people falling like feathers and leave.
I doubt I can control the sight of falling weaves.
All this from the heads of women who have fallen victim,
to the so called man of God,
in the name of belief.
I see the exit calling,
there lies my relief.
I can’t miss pram pram.
Oh that meat,
be it ram or cow.

Gentleman return!

Is it my mind or pastor called?
I keep walking.
I won’t make that mistake and turn.
My life is far from an albumen.
I can’t let him put his sweat and catarrh infested face towel on my face.
I spent weeks,
casting my last pimple away
I start to gather pace.
I can sense the pastor boiling with rage..
“Ushers grab him”
Eih pastor! What is this?                   
Are you judas?
Am i Jesus?
Are we acting?
These female ushers have been gyming.
My legs dangling in the air,
this is aerial swimming.
I am put in front of pastor.

Kube is served


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