03:43am meeting


It’s 3:43am,
sleep refuses to accept me.
I rise,
thinking a glass of water,
will be a worthy offering,
to bribe my dozing system to sleep.
I take wobbling strides towards my objective.                                            
My sleepy eyes,
refuse to miss the strong signal,
the mirror exudes.               
Like an enchanted tomb,
the sight of my image,
like incantations of sorcery,
awaken me.                                 
I inch closer to the mirror.
Something is different.
I stare deep into the eyes of the man, that is before me.
This is not me.
I wave, it waves                            
I wink, it winks
something is different.
If the man in the mirror,
is really me,
why doesn’t he feel this bitterness,
within me.
If the man in the mirror is really me,
why doesn’t he halt my inappropriate actions.
If the man in the mirror is really me,
why do I feel that the tears rolling down his cheeks,
is just to mock me.
I search for a weapon,
to crash it’s existence.
why try fix the man in the mirror,
when my true being,
is in need of repairs.      
I take a wild gaze into his eyes,
and all I see is darkness.
I close my eyes,
in order to cut short this bitterness,
I end up being swallowed by the darkness within me.
I long for a spark,
to make things right.
I yearn for that light,
that will turn this robe of guilt and bitterness,
into a dirty rag.
I crave for three special elements of light.
A red to stop me from being sad or unhappy.
A yellow to notify me in terms of readiness,
when the going is tough,
and the green,
to make me go for the smile.
The light of happiness.
I quickly smile at the man in the mirror,
I take a glass of water,
I sip slowly as I wink at him.
Cheers, for I have discovered the traffic light of hope.
I drift slowly into sleep,
not because water was a good offering, but the fact that mental serenity,
was a bigger and better offering.

Kube is served


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