When I couldn’t smile any longer (Now)


“WEY emo things this abore sef”,
Let’s fast forward things to the present.
All these things you’ve done,
I guess there’s been some lessons learnt.
Then times I would call you dear,
But now if I do,
you should know it’s the animal deer
‘Cause you all over the place.
If I look at you again call me crazy.      Gone were the days I used to get you daisies.
When WMT used to be Wonderfully Made Treasure to us,
But now when I tell you that,
you should be Akan to understand.
Thinking we were better off in the promise land,
but now if you are given hell,
“Ago fit shock den go blank”
It’s not that i am mean,
just being frank.
No more trips to the bank,
neither am I filling your tank,
nor smiling to your silly pranks.
“That car sef afor take go kant”.
if you see me left go right,
Or trust me the future won’t be bright.
I am not saying you should live your life in fright,
but you should know that I am done being that charming knight.
“MAKE I relax”
The things adey talk,
Man can be in jail.
Who knows if there would be anyone to pay my bail,
staying in here would only leave me frail.
Day and night will move slowly like madina snails.
My mind full of thoughts would grow weaker than a rusty nail.
longing for that eternal satisfaction from the holy grail.
With these possibilities my freedom from anger sets sail.
Fast forwarding to the future,
longing to tell the world my sad tale.
But “Charle” it shall be well.


Kube is served


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