Kantamanto unveiled!!! II

Eih! My Wallet

I remember I put it in the breast,     
Let me check the back.
Eih! “This level make i start dey thirst” let me buy water first.
No no no its not funny,
That wallet has my money,
Yes and my ID how will I write my IA,
All because of my Ired,
to get an IPhone,
to impress Irene
It’s not like I am the dieter….I Just met her at Evandy.
“Why anoe base for pent”
And buy beans.
I am just a small boy,
not the son of a Dean.
Oh uncle thief,
please bring my wallet
It’s not like I have some dollars,
just a few peas and some papers… 
Oh Lord if my wallet comes,
I promise to have good manners,
go to all the halls and feed my brothers,
I will raise my GPA in your name,
but some courses D is fit
You know for calculus even Einstein got a resit….
I hear boss boss, eih! again
“This one dier ma dross go lost lost,
This one dier ago fight plus force force,
I turn I see the face, eih! he go beat me roff roff,
For ma mind adey do moff moff,      
He benke me den he tall tall,
Aswer this one dier above the law Law”
All of a sudden, I start to greet
My heart too started to beat
Life is such a cheat
Why make me small like a  flea    
Look at his teeth teeth,
one bite  will make me bleed bleed,
Boss I’m on my niece niece
Not incest on my knees knees,
Then he showed me my wallet,
saying I dropped it.
I was about to cry,              
The sight of my monetary habitat stopped it,   
I thought one of those boys robbed it…
My guy medase,
I promise to build you a statue
The guy looking so happy he says
but you,
“I already hear that line for YouTube”.
Let me rush to my hall before the “dum dum”,                                                 
let me pass accra mall,
peeps will think i bought it there,
They have no idea it is already wear,
let me buy some perfume,
This will get my second hand “fose”,
smelling like rose.
En route legon. … The hub of most fashionables.    

Kube is served


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