Where Doubt is an error


Two heads they say is better than one,
we are here pondering over the next step,
but it’s like a lifetime ban.
All we see is a dead end,
if only, if only I can,
I try to think, I twist and turn,
confusion knocks at my door.
I quickly answer, aiming to know what’s wrong.
To my dismay, suspense is born.
9 seconds slowly turn to months, and an answer is delivered.
The father of this life we enquire,
but then to our wildest desire,
we are pushed back into our slumber. Cut down this agony I beseech my lumberjack, but then tears flow helplessly from my eyes.
May God be my plumber.
They say onions make you cry,
but I guess my soft spot was touched by a cucumber.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, but the beginning of my journey has locked hands with it’s end. For my pessimistic soul holds onto my left leg because it feels it’s not right,
to move into the light of uncertainty, leaving me in the glooming darkness of the obvious,
but my sword of optimism amputates my leg.
For I would rather hop into the future,
than stand locked in the stagnance of my past.
For in God I trust.


Kube is served


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